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afarid of the dark

the dark is something i alwasy be scared of not just cuz u r bigger silbing tell u bout the monstar and the witch ghost no it cuz in the dark i see sprits  that haunted me thought the night and i hear scary things that i cant got away from people tell that nothing their but in real life its their u just cant see it open that eyes and u will see them even on the lights on i can still see ike every kid the dark is a scary place were the demons and the ghost go by people tells us nt to be scare and fight u r fear but this is not that case that why it coutnie to be sleepness night 

lost in the dark

why is it that i feel so lost in the dark and cant find my way out  
it feel like the air i breathe so be take away from me 
people just keeping push but it not gonna work cuz im just lost 
in the dark and no one can find me not even with a flash light 
i used to be someone but this time im not cuz no one know me 
my own momther doesnt even reonize me cuz i change into someone else 
im no longer shyvonna im now shevyz and i like it that way d
ont try to change me cuz i like it that way 


what happen when the guy you like breaks that trust
it no longer their any more but the worst part bout it is
that i still love that guy who hurt me deep
but why did me let those other guys hurt me to
and then just to say sorry and then blame me for it
but everyone says it not your fault it the rapist fault
not the victim.i have pain in my knee that i need surgery
to fixed the damgae but the question is im i okay the answer is no
im not okay


i love someone who doent even know that i exist
how could you love someone but can't  be with them
everyone time  i see her my heart race
i got butterfiles i said the wrong thing around her
and she look at me like m stupid
but how can i got someone that pretty
i wish i could tell her..
but then i say what the worst  that can happen
she can totally humaity me in front of everyone


since month ago i have been having this really bad nightmare
where is guys broke in and tried my mom up
and my daugther and i were hiding were he could not find us
but then i start screaming for no reason like i was forced to scream
and each night. the nightmare got worst  even more then the night before

lastnight i saw my self stand on cliff
and i heard is jump
your not worth loving
amd then i jump to my death
and close my eyes hope that if hit the ground i wouldnt see it
but when i open my eyes i see morning

but i still scared to go to sleep
that why i cant sleep
so i close my eyes and lay down to sleep
and drift off to sleep

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